A Vehicle Not What You Expected?

Have you purchased a vehicle that has issues that weren’t disclosed during the sale? Were you unaware that a vehicle title wasn’t available at the sale? If so, you may be eligible for arbitration.

These dispute resolution services, based on the NAAA Arbitration Policy, protect buyers and sellers and help guarantee fair and ethical sales.

During the arbitration process, Manheim acts as a neutral intermediary to investigate and resolve transaction-related disputes. Possible outcomes include sale price adjustment or sale cancellation.

  • Service is subject to arbitration fee.
  • Arbitration can be initiated online or through any Manheim auction in the U.S. or Canada.
  • Claims must be filed within the time periods defined by Appendix I of the NAAA Arbitration Policy.

Arbitration Steps

First, determine if your purchase is eligible for arbitration. If you are not sure if you qualify, contact your local auction's arbitration office for assistance.

Next, initiate a claim online or through any Manheim auction. Once you have filed a claim, a Manheim representative will contact you and the other party to understand your needs and explore ways to resolve the dispute.

Need to Dispute a Purchase?

Manheim can help resolve transaction-related issues.

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Arbitration helps guarantee fair and ethical sales